Heatwave 150

*Fuel tank sold seperately

The Siebring Heatwave waste oil furnace offers simplicity and accessibility for easy care. The unit comes fully assembled and ready to set into place. The electrical, fuel source, and chimney installation are to be arranged after delivery. The blower pushes air approx. 40-50 feet and gives a temperature rise of 70 degrees. The unit will heat a 1500-2000 sq. ft. building at a -10 degree outdoor temperature and hold a 65 degree indoor temperature.


• Model: Heatwave 150

• BTU's: 180,000

• Max. Sq. Footage: 4500

• Shipping Weight: 700 lbs.

• Dimensions: 65" L x 48" W x 39" H (with burner)

• Uses 1.10 Gallons of Oil Per Hour

The used oil is stored in the 270 gal fuel tank / stand. The tank allows the furnace to be out of the way of flammable fumes and gives a work area for draining filters. The oil fill door is large enough to accommodate a pail of oil being emptied and provides an area to drain drip pans. The furnace auxiliary pump & motor is mounted on the uprights of the tank-furnace legs. The in-line filter above the tank has a 100 micron, stainless steel mesh, cleanable and reusable filter cartridge. The tank is equipped with a drain plug on each end where a drain valve can be installed to empty the water from beneath the oil without emptying the oil storage. The tank is baffled to reduce sloshing during fill and to add internal support to the tank structure. The tank is useable for the Heatwave models 150 & 250. All furnaces require a 20 PSI compressed air source for atomizing the warm used oil.

Heatwave 250


• Model: Heatwave 250

• BTU's: 280,000

• Max. Sq. Footage: 6000

• Shipping Weight: 900 lbs.

• Dimensions: 75" L x 48" W x 49"H (with burner)

• Uses 1.75 Gallons of Oil Per Hour

Heatwave 350

The 350 furnace is unique in its ability to be accessed easily for cleaning . The blower mounted on top, and equipped with an energy efficient motor, offers a 40% energy savings. Makes a small "Foot print" on the shop floor! Heat can be piped or used most preferably as a horizontal air heat source for large buildings 40'x80' in —10 to 65 degree interior temp. The annual maintenance is simple and requires cleaning of the fire box, disposing properly of any solid waste accumulations. Usually a light ash is all that remains


• Model: Heatwave 350

• BTU's: 380,000

• Max. Sq. Footage: 8000

• Shipping Weight: 1200 lbs.

• Dimensions: 60" L (with burner) x 40" W x 80"H

• Uses 2.75 Gallons of Oil Per Hour

Heatwave Waste Oil Heaters offer many built-in safety features including mesh fan covers to protect fingers, safety disconnect, safety plug, and removable side panel for easy servicing.

All Models of Heatwave Waste Oil Heaters feature dependable Kagi Burners.

BTU Size Calculator


Bulkhead of heat exchanger -- 10/11 gauge

Sides of combustion chamber -- 12 gauge

Tubes in heat exchanger -- 14 gauge

Base of furnace cabinet -- 16 gauge

Top of furnace cabinet -- 16 gauge

Sides of furnace cabinet -- 18 gauge

Compared to other brands and you'll see -- heavier steel on Siebring cabinets and components ensures a longer lasting furnace.