The Steam 'N Air is the combination of three separate portable components: the steam generator (SG12 or SG15), aeration blower (AB28), and the optional Tow 'N Dump Soil Aeration Cart.  These three components work together to perform the task of pasteurizing potting soil and other materials


Each portable unit is a separate component. Customers may choose to buy more than one soil aeration wagon to streamline their operation. For example - some customers prefer to load flats from one wagon while the other wagon is in the pasteurization cycle..


In the pasteurization steam cycle, the Steam Generator raises the temperature of 2 cubic yards of material to 170°F for 2 1/2 hours.  The AB28 Blower assists with enough air flow for 28" of material when material is placed in an aeration bin or cart.  In the cool down cycle, the AB28 Blower will dry the material to the moisture saturation level that existed before the steam cycle.

The Siebring Steam 'N Air Soil Pasteurization System is an innovation from a company that leads the way in products that are beneficial to the greenhouse industry.


Soil pasteurization offers an effective alternative for growers that previously used methyl bromide.  Methyl bromide use was banned completely in 2005.

Steam Generators


• 400 lbs. steam per hour

• 2.0 – 2.25 gallon #2 fuel per hour

• 45 PSI - Ultra dry steam

• Fuel pressure gauge

• 8" chimney adapter

• 120 V power supply

• 27 gallon fuel tank

• 180 ft. heating coil

• Internal steam separator

• Steam trap

• 12' electrical cord

• Treats up to 2 cu. yards of soil in

  approx 2 hours


• 500 lbs. steam per hour

• 2.50 gallon #2 fuel per hour

• 60 PSI - Ultra dry steam

• Fuel pressure gauge

• 8" chimney adapter

• 120 V power supply

• 42 gallon fuel tank

• 220 ft. heating coil

• Internal steam separator

• Steam trap

• 12' electrical cord

•Treats up to 2 cu. yards of soil in

  approx 1 1/2 hours

Aeration Blower

• 28" static pressure (250-400 CFM)

• 3 HP 220V single phase  motor

• 4" diameter threaded discharge

• 8’ aeration hose with quick couplers

• No-flat tires & easy move cart

• Finger guard on intake & discharge

• Heavy 10-3 gauge, 40' power cord (plug not included)

Soil Pasteurization Wagon

Siebring Manufacturing produces the Tow ‘N Dump Aeration Wagon in various models to best match your specific application.


The Tow ‘N Dump Aeration Wagon options include a folding rear end gate on the hydraulic lift model or fold down sides and no hydraulic lift. Both carts have a perforated floor and hook-ups for steam and air equipment.



• Running gear tested at 6400 lbs.

• 18 X 8.5” wheels (10 mph - non-highway)

• Wheel spindles w/roller bearings



• Wagon capacity of 2 cubic yards

• Aeration wagon with 40% aerator floor

  4’ wide X 8’ long w/24” sides

• Dump wagon with smooth dump floor

  4’ wide X 8’ long w/24” sides

• Vinyl cover for aeration carts



• Side unload aeration wagon has fold down

  sides on both sides for work bench / flat


• Rear dump aeration wagon has fold up rear

  end gate and battery powered hydraulic lift

  with safety locks.

• 12 volt battery & 10 Amp – 12 volt battery

  charger required for battery powered


• All models have pre-installed fittings to attach

  steam generators and aeration blowers.

• Custom aerator & steam fittings availables

Steam Cabinet



• Available in 7' tall or 10' tall for added capacity

• Approximately 67" wide and 56" deep.

• Connection for Steam Generator on back side

• Temperature gauge in door


Pots can be stacked together on pallets and loaded in the cabinet to steam. We suggest using a basic wireless thermometer inside a pot in the middle of your stack to get an accurate temperature inside your pots. Just steam until you reach the desired temp and hold for around 30 minutes.