Foamer Attachment

The new Foam-Mate Foamers from Siebring Mfg. are a unique accessory for our sprayers allowing the user to apply Green-Shield Disinfectant & Algicide * more effectively.


The backpack assembly includes a sprayer gun connected to the 2 gallon tank containing Green-Shield* concentrate.  The gun connects to a 800 psi, 3 gallon/minute sprayer containing clear water.


The Siebring Fox and Mist 'R Drench Sprayers are ideal companions for the Foam-Mate System.

Simple assembly and Quick-Couple attachments allow for easy use by novices and professionals alike.  The pre-metered orifice insure proper treatment rate and only the air valve is adjusted to wide open.

The tank is carried by a back pack harness. Vertical and horizontal surfaces cover and hold "wet contact" with the Green-Shield* on surfaces 3 to 4 times longer than with ordinary application. 


Application management is enhanced as you will easily see missed areas.  A 100 sq. ft. area can be covered in 5-8 seconds.


*Green-Shield is made by Whitmire Micro-Gen