Poultry culling carts are used to cost efficiently dispose of spent laying hens or birds that have been infected with the avian flu through CO2 asphyxiation.


• Weather stripping on the door and magnetic sheets on the hatches provide

  complete sealing

• Heavy duty 8" dia. X 2" wide casters with swivel casters on one end

  provide maneuverability

• Carts easily go down aisles, and can be either pushed or pulled

• Two loading hatches allow loading from either end

• Multi-position wheel mounts facilitate unloading

• Has a capacity of approximately 700 pounds

• Made of heavy duty 14 GA construction

• Approx. size 56” X 21” X 58”H


20" is the cart body dimension, actual overall width is approximately 21"

Narrow carts can also be made