Stainless steel is required when spraying certain chemicals that are corrosive to brass such as peroxyacetic acid. It is also recommended when using deionized (DI) or reverse osmosis (RO) water. These waters typically have a very low mineral content and can pick up lead from the brass as it passes through the system.


Siebring Manufacturing offers a stainless steel version of any electric sprayer. On our stainless steel sprayers every metal part that touches the spray will be stainless steel, absolutely no brass. Some other sprayer manufacturers use a brass pump manifold with stainless steel sleeves. In their systems the spray still has contact with brass and will eventually corrode and leech brass (contains lead) into your spray and on your plants if you are using certain chemicals. This is extremely important if you are spraying in a cannabis or food production facility.


Contact us today if you have a question about a certain chemical that you are using and we can a recommend brass or stainless steel sprayer.