Siebring Manufacturing features a complete line of greenhouse and agricultural sprayers. Our sprayers are used by growers in greenhouses, nurseries, vegetable farms, fruit orchards, and flower gardens.


Options include gas or electric motors, and tanks from 55-200 gallons.  Our sprayers are built to last and versatile enough to change as your needs change.


1 year warranty on all parts for Kruser, Fox & Mist’r Drench

No warranty against frozen parts

Only top quality Cat pumps are used.


Reliable Honda gas engines are available.


Fox Sprayer


• Sanitation and disinfecting of floors,benches,  

  and pots

• Tree Spraying

• Lawn Spraying

• Growth Regulators

• Foliar pesticide application


• 3 piece nozzle for high or low misting

• drenching water breaker screen nozzle

• (2) 18" wands and (1) 12" wand

• 12" curved (hook) extension for hanging


• Back flush connector for easy cleaning

• 0 degree to 15 degree pressure nozzles

The Fox is a highly maneuverable, four-wheeled sprayer with a 35 gallon tank. At 22” wide, the Fox can easily fit down tight passageways and through narrow doorways. Easy change tongue accessories make hand maneuvering a snap and small vehicle transporting possible. 10 inch no-flat foam rubber tires smooth the bumps on uneven ground.


The system provides continuous "high action" re-circulating tank agitation. A "Chem Saver" tank shutoff valve, allows reclaiming of excess chemicals and permits cleaning of the hose and pump, with chemical still in the tank.


• Fits 22" aisle

• 10" "No Flat" tires

• Fresh water back flush for easy clean out

• Highly maneuverable

• "High Action" recirculating tank agitation

• Chemical saver tank shutoff valve

• Tapered bottom tank for drainability, 1/2" additional drain is provided


• 800 PSI of pressure

• 3 GPM Flow

• 100 ft. of hose (standard)

• 200 ft. reel capacity of 3/8" hose

• CAT pump with 3 ceramic plungers

• 35 gallon complete drain tank

• Quick adjust pressure control

• Fluid filled gauge

• 2 guns for misting & drenching

• Quick couple fittings for fast & easy maintenance

• Bypass pump protection

• 22" cart clearance width for narrow spaces

• Honda or Briggs and Stratton gas engine are available

Mist 'R Drench Sprayer


• 3 piece nozzle for high or low misting

• Drenching water breaker screen nozzle

• (2) 18" wands and (1) 12" wand

• 12" curved (hook) extension for hanging


• Back flush connector for easy cleaning

• 0 degree to 15 degree pressure nozzles


• Hose reel

• Electric take-up reel

• Adjustable nozzle

• 25' - 300' custom hoses

• 100 and 200 gallon horizontal tanks


• Quick connect for draining or washing polyethylene tank ( lid included)

• No-flat tires for easy roll on gravel or concrete

• Ball bearing mounted hose reel for 250' playout and rewind

• Drenching crook & 18" extension


• 800 PSI of pressure

• 3.0 GPM flow

• 100' Wire braid hose (standard)

• Constant agitation for wettable powders in the tank

• Towing tongue

• 2 guns, quick coupled

• Versatile power supply of gasoline or electric

Kruser Sprayer


• 1 HP motor

• 120V operation


• 4 HP gas engine

• Additional hoses available

• Custom hoses up to 150’


• 750 PSI of pressure

• 1.5 GPM flow

• CAT pump

• Direct drive

• 25' electrical cord

• 10" "No Flat" tires

• 25 gallon poly tank


• Bottom tank Drain

• Sump in tank for max usage.

• Includes a mist nozzle assembly

• 18" wand

• 100’ ¼” wire braid hose

• Hose Reel

• High pressure gun

• Constant agitation suspends wettable powders

Custom Sprayers

We have the capability of custom designing sprayers to meet your specific needs.  These are just a few examples of configurations specially built per customer request.

   MD-3005G CUSTOM

• 5 Gallon/Minute CAT Pump

• 13 HP HONDA Gas  Engine

• 200’ Wire Braided Hose

• Tandem Axle w/15” Tires

• 300 Gallon Tank

• Steel Deck Trailer

   MD-210 CUSTOM

• 10 Gallon/Minute CAT Pump

•  8 HP HONDA Gas  Engine

•  400’ Hose on Each Reel

•  Road Ready Trailer & Tires

•  200 Gallon Tank

•  Spraying Distance to 40’

Fox Custom Chicken House Sprayer

This Siebring Fox Sprayer was custom adapted with a sprayer boom & nozzles to apply a residual fly control spray in chicken buildings


Using this method to apply the spray provides much more consistent coverage than with a standard pack sprayer.  The applicator can cover a larger area in a short time while ensuring the product is covering all areas of the building.

"One of the largest management problems facing the poultry producer of today is filth fly control. The shift from many small farm flocks to fewer large poultry operations has greatly increased fly problems by creating concentrated breeding areas and large volumes of waste that cannot be removed frequently. As urbanization and rural non-farm residence increase, poultry producers face increasing pressures to reduce fly populations."

Foam-Mate Foamers

The new Foam-Mate Foamers from Siebring Mfg. are a unique accessory for our sprayers allowing the user to apply Green-Shield Disinfectant & Algicide * more effectively.


The backpack assembly includes a sprayer gun connected to the 2 gallon tank containing Green-Shield* concentrate.  The gun connects to a 800 psi, 3 gallon/minute sprayer containing clear water.


The Siebring Fox and Mist 'R Drench Sprayers are ideal companions for the Foam-Mate System.

Simple assembly and Quick-Couple attachments allow for easy use by novices and professionals alike.  The pre-metered orifice insure proper treatment rate and only the air valve is adjusted to wide open.

The tank is carried by a back pack harness.  Vertical and horizontal surfaces cover and hold "wet contact" with the Green-Shield* on surfaces 3 to 4 times longer than with ordinary application.

Application management is enhanced as you will easily see missed areas.  A 100 sq. ft. area can be covered in 5-8 seconds.


*Green-Shield is made by Whitmire Micro-Gen